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T/Sgt. James F. McGuire
2/9/44 - 2/24/44

McGuire Diary 2/9/44-2/13/44 DATE:
2/9/44 - moved toward Burma to-nite. Have 120 mi. to hike to Rendezvous area. moved out about dark. Hiked 17 mi. Boy are my feet tired. I'll never forget to-nite.
2/10/44 - Slept good last nite. Rained alot. 14 mi. to-nite, saw some nurses and Red cross women last nite, they passed out cookies along road. Mostly up and down hill, rugged going. Nite camp Mid-nite.
2/11/44 - Never splept so good. headache. Road muddy, 12 mi. to-nite, alot of Hospitals along road. Engineers doing a good job on Ledo road.
2/12/44 - Moved 2 1/2 mi. Melyson Douglas put on stage show. B Bn. fellow shot himself, suicide.
2/13/44 - Moved 8 to 10 mi. Lightened my pack to about 40 pounds, took off 15lbs. 8 mi. up and 1 mile down. Muddy and rainy. Went thro Hell's Pass, Entered Burma to-nite

Pangsau Pass

NOTE: What Sgt. McGuire referes to as "Hell's Pass" is "Pangsau Pass". Click on photo to see a larger size then select BACK at the top of your browser to return to this page.

McGuire Diary page 2/14/44-2/18/44 2/14/44 - 13 1/2 mi. to-nite. Still in the mts. arrived at bivouac area. they gave a show for us. Yanks are doing a good job on Ledo Road.
2/15/44 - Country pretty here. saw some corrigated iron from Mill at home. walked 13 mi to-nite. mostly up hill. 60 mi from front line, Alot of more Armco Iron along road. We are the first outfit to walk into Burma.
2/16/44 - Went 13 mi, mostly up hill. Bivouaced in chinese camp.
2/17/44 - 8 mi to-nite. went up hill all way. Bivouaced on top of mt. 9000 ft above sea level. used to be Japanese air-field. Kitchen never got to us. ate at colored kitchen.
2/18/44 - Slept above clouds last nite. 2 more mi up hill and will be over hump. Saw snow on the Himalaya's in distance

Mountain Top Bivouac

NOTE: This is the Mountain top bivouac. Click on photo to see a larger size then select BACK at the top of your browser to return to this page.

McGuire Diary 2/19/44-2/24/44 DATE:
2/19/44 - Breakfast at colored kitchen, pancakes 1st in over mo. wearing same clothes now for mo. 7 mi to-day. It's tactical now, guns loaded. Trucks took us to show.
2/20/44 - 8 mi to Renderzvous, issued 2 day K rations. 35 mi to front.
2/21/44 - Move 18 mi to-day. Rained alot last nite. It's really muddy. We are the 1st outfit to march the complete distance. Marched until after dark. Bivouaced in open field, smell of dead japs around. Saw Joe Stilwell coming into renderzvous area. He was dressed in chindit outfit..
2/22/44 - Took it easy got plenty of sleep.
2/23/44 - Washed all my clothes 1st time in several wks. Getting supplies by air. Be here 2 days. Hear artillery firing in distance. Issued 10-1 rations. Mules and men sleeping in same area.
2/24/44 - On detail picking up parachutes and supplies, more to-morrow. Told what mission is. Expect air-raid to-nite. We sent out decoys to buid fires away from our area. Issued 3 da rations. Issued all equipment will need behind Jap lines. Firing in distance.

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