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Merrill's Marauders


Grant was from Kent, Washington a graduate of high school in Japan and was one of the top MISLS linguists. Grant joined the army 3 days before Pearl Harbor. His parents were in the Heart Mountain, Wyoming, Internment Camp. Grant was found to be allergic to K-rations and suffered a fractured arm while training in India. The doctors recommended that he not continue with the Marauders, but after all that training Grant would not give up, he stayed and struggled to survive, eating what little he could of the K-rations and whatever else he could pick up to eat along the way. Every day of his long march through the Burma jungles and mountains was a struggle to survive. Grant was finaly evacuated after the battle of Nhpum Ga, suffering from fever, amoebic dysentery and extreme weakness from hunger. After several weeks of recovery Grant rejoined the Marauders at Myityina. After the war Grant was a teacher at the language school, a linguist at the war crimes trials in Japan, and served with the U.S. Department of State, the Library of Congress, and the National Security Agency.